About Me

Behind the Lens

Photographs are among my most cherished possessions. They keep me close to loved ones when there are many miles between us. Whether these are pictures of family gatherings celebrating significant life events, or candid photos capturing the beauty in a seemingly mundane moment, I truly believe memorializing our lives is important.

Born in the Philippines, raised in Ireland and now living in San Francisco, I feel grounded and at peace surrounded by these snapshots of time spent with loved ones. Whether I am thumbing through well worn physical photo albums or re-editing digital prints, I’m immediately transported to these special moments. After learning photography and editing skills at my father’s knee, I am proud to be dedicating my professional life to my passion and helping friends and strangers document theirs.

There’s magic in being able to capture someone’s day or significant life event – especially the glance or smile they never knew they made.

I’m passionate about telling your unique love story in an authentic and editorial manner. While there will also be some minimal posing, what I really want is to put a spotlight on the emotions of your special day. I want to document the day as it unfolds organically, capturing your genuine love, laughter, and happy tears throughout the day.

If my style resonates with you we can talk through your special day or to get better acquainted and see if it’s a fit.

When I’m not shooting.. I’m probably painting a blank canvas to fill my apartment walls, walking at Golden Gate Park (possibly walk all the way to Clement to grab some cheeky dim sum) or dancing at my favourite studio.

Being born in the Philippines, I am an island girl at heart. I love being in the water – I’m an avid swimmer and I enjoy paddle boarding and surfing. I have a new found love for freediving and diving in depths to see the colourful marine life.

I’m a frequent traveler, with wanderlust in my soul. Exploring new places has become an important part of my life and leaves me with a lasting sense of wonderment and admiration. In 2023, my husband and I put our careers on pause and explored 50 different places with a backpack.

San Francisco, California